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Just saw this on…Jeepers Creepers starring the always foxy Justin Long.

Why did they put Christopher Lloyd’s character, The Judge, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit on the cover?

Why not keep a bit of mystery and creepiness like the original art piece…Just an eye, peaking out of a stitched together sack…simple and clean.

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Another Kathryn Bigelow flick, Near Dark.

I will admit that I’ve never heard of this movie until a few years ago so I have no recollection of what the original poster art looked like.

I know they’re trying to make the blu-ray cover look as Twilight-y as possible, but come on!

Screaming dude with laser-holes looks SOOO much cooler! lol

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Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break. What’s with the blu-ray release cover?

Now it looks like the coldest movie about surfing EVER.

Whoa. Whoa indeed.

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Okay. Here’s one where the first release kept the lovely original poster art.

I don’t know what prompted the shitty cover for the re-release, but there we are. It’s the bluest hunt for the Red October ever.

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Alright, boys & girls, let’s get this over with so we can move on.

More follies from The Karate Kid II blu-ray boxset.

The original art was dignified, simple and classy. The new one is…well, wtf happened to the rest of Pat Morita’s face?

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The poster art for The Monster Squad was absolutely amazing! When I was a kid, I’d get creeped out by the 5 monsters when I passed the box in the video store.

I felt like I got kicked in the nards when I saw this.

What did they decide to do for the 20th anniversary DVD release? The movie having never had a DVD release, you’d think they would want to do it justice.

But no, let’s go with something that looks like National Treasure.

I call bullshit. lol

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On the cover of The Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition DVD, it SAYS Milla Jovovich is in it…but I don’t see it. I’ve stared at this sucker for hours and the oddly Photoshopped lady on the cover in no way resemble Milla, aside from the orange hair.

And what’s with the weird colour palette? It looks like everyone has jaundice.


I’m sorry, why did they not go with the original poster art for the anniversary blu-ray release of The Karate Kid?

The new cover is über (and badly) Photoshopped.

If Pat Morita had a wonk eye, you’d think they’d fix it? If he DIDN’T have a wonk eye, why did they give him one?



Teen Wolf season 1 came out this week on DVD.

Talk about a crap cover.

It looks like Tyler Hoechlin doesn’t approve with wtf’s happened to Tyler Posey’s eyes! lol

The ad for the show on the right perfectly conveys everything you need to know about the show. Gritty, sexy and just a bit menacing.

I sure hope they do a better job for the blu-ray release.